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Laravel is a robust, open-source PHP framework to streamline web application development. With its elegant, expressive syntax and Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, Laravel offers scalability, speed, security, and structure, making it a strategic choice for companies that need robust online systems.

As of May 2023, Laravel holds a 0.45% market share in the programming framework category, competing with 85 other tools. It is trendy among web development, digital marketing, and software development companies, with most of its users being small to medium-sized businesses. Laravel’s popularity can be attributed to its comprehensive features, tools, and strong developer community that continually supports and enhances the framework.

Laravel excels in working with relational databases and handling integrations that other frameworks may struggle with. This feature makes it an excellent choice for building web applications that rely on dynamic data and require seamless customer interaction. Some key benefits of using Laravel include enhanced security, improved performance, flexibility, and easy maintenance.

At IronGlove, we specialize in using Laravel for larger clients with industrial requirements or businesses that need sophisticated online systems to interface with customers. If you’re looking to build a high-performance web application with dynamic data, Laravel is the framework you need.

Common Laravel Questions

Can Laravel be used for a web application or is it used for traditional software?

Laravel is a popular framework for building web applications using the PHP programming language. It follows a specific design pattern and includes features that make it well-suited for creating various web applications. Laravel has been used to create a wide range of web apps, such as e-commerce platforms, content management systems, social networks, and booking systems. The framework is designed to be user-friendly, with a focus on elegant syntax, thorough documentation, and active community support. Laravel simplifies many common web development tasks, allowing developers to concentrate on the business logic and user experience. However, it is not intended for building traditional desktop software, as it is primarily a server-side web application framework.

How powerful is Laravel and can I scale it for my needs?

Laravel is a highly flexible and scalable PHP framework that can support everything from small personal websites to large enterprise-level applications. It’s built to handle workloads ranging from thousands to billions of monthly requests. Laravel provides many built-in features like caching, queues, and modular architecture, allowing it to scale smoothly as application usage and traffic increase. Developers have used Laravel to build many high-traffic web applications by leveraging cloud infrastructure and optimization best practices like database caching, load balancing, and separating static assets. With the proper infrastructure and performance optimizations, Laravel can readily scale up or down to handle workloads of varying sizes while still maintaining high performance and stability.


Moreover, it’s been amazing to work with them. They understand our business and the two sets of customers we’re trying to target. Also, their development capabilities are excellent; they’ve successfully developed strong integrations with our CRM, created a custom job alert application from scratch, and optimized our marketing funnels across the site.

-Director of Staffing Technology & Operations, VanderHouwen

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