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At IronGlove Studio®, we are a boutique agency with a distinct expertise in crafting compelling websites and software applications. We embrace challenges, fearlessly diving into complex assignments. In these environments, our strength shines as we diligently seek stable, long-term, and strategic solutions that align with our clients’ goals and effectively address their unique problems.

Dynamic Websites and Web Applications

Seeking to establish a secure, custom website from the ground up? Our expertise lies in creating dynamic, tailored websites, utilizing the power of PHP programming language in conjunction with HTML, CSS, and other vital elements. We can employ front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, allowing us to develop responsive, mobile-first projects efficiently. Our team has the know-how to extract data from database systems such as MySQL and MariaDB, ensuring your website operates seamlessly and effectively. We are equipped to utilize robust frameworks like Laravel and Drupal for clients with complex needs. These frameworks are an example of what empowers us to design custom applications delivered via the web, offering a comprehensive, secure digital solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Scalable Industrial Applications

Businesses leveraging Windows Server are acutely aware of the crucial need to update the .NET ecosystem, while others understand the severe IT deficits that can arise when this essential software maintenance is neglected. Our expertise lies in providing solutions to these challenges. Whether it’s preserving the functionality of a critical application or infrastructure or developing a new one to facilitate customer service and business expansion, we are equipped to assist. Moreover, we can design and implement solutions that seamlessly integrate with industrial control systems. These solutions will bolster data reporting, hardware control, and manufacturing operations, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency. Our professional approach ensures that your business continues to operate smoothly without any IT hiccups.

Stores Built for Shoppers

Simply having a product catalog on a website with an integrated shopping cart doesn’t guarantee business success or profitability. The realm of e-commerce is now multifaceted, encompassing elements such as brand identity, a bespoke user experience, an intuitive user interface, robust security measures, and a seamless checkout process. Our seasoned development team has experience on platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento Open Commerce, and Shopify, among others. We’ll engage you in a comprehensive discussion about your needs, devise a strategic plan, and deploy sophisticated analytical tools. This approach enables us to gain a deeper understanding of your customers, their preferences, and how effectively the deployed designs increase confidence and engagement.

WordPress Done Right

The WordPress platform is a leading content management system renowned for its exceptional functionality, speed, and capabilities. However, it is also one of the most misused systems, with numerous freelancers and agencies unethically selling templates as custom solutions at exorbitant prices. This unethical practice carried out by these fly-by-night side hustles and shell companies, posing as legitimate firms, detrimentally impacts both businesses and developers. Our WordPress sites are meticulously coded in PHP using minimal plugins, completely devoid of page builders, ensuring a streamlined and efficient website. We are committed to helping you harness the full potential of WordPress as a website or web application without the unnecessary bulk that often accompanies it.

Design Drives User Experience

Web design is a strategic process that involves creating experiences that resonate with visitors, shoppers, and end-users. The crux of effective web design lies in its ability to convey meaning through meticulously crafted user experience journeys, intuitive user interface design, and a strategic blend of behavioral psychology. This blending of design principles and user expectations forms a fully functional product that helps to increase desired results and conversion rates. As professionals in web design, we understand the importance of testing every element of the design to ensure that the final deliverable meets and exceeds the desired results using best practices. Good design should be noticed, as it links an organization’s brand to its users.

SEO, SEM, PPC, and Digital Marketing

Google searches typically don’t venture past the first page, underscoring the critical importance of good SEO practices. This statistic is a clear testament to why our marketing team goes to great lengths to ensure that your website is fully optimized for search engines. We meticulously analyze every aspect of your website, from formatting and image tags to mobile performance and coding. Our comprehensive auditing is designed to identify and rectify potential issues that could impede your website’s visibility. We are also proficient in SEM and PPC advertising, which are effective strategies for boosting your website’s visibility and driving targeted traffic. Our team can craft bespoke marketing strategies that enhance your online visibility and foster customer engagement.

Why IronGlove?

While economical and readily accessible, stock website templates may present barriers when your business is poised for growth. For true business elevation, a custom-developed solution is needed which is aligned with your long-term vision and objectives. This is where IronGlove steps in. We established our services to equip you with the necessary tools for business advancement. Leveraging our 25 years of combined experience in high-level IT and coding, we bring a treasury of knowledge and proficiency to each project.

Our strategy is rooted in data and centered around you, our client. Through deep analysis of behavioral analytics, we gain insight into your customers’ behaviors and preferences. With these insights, we design engaging and enhanced user experiences. We can also conduct A/B testing to certify our strategies’ effectiveness. This comprehensive approach empowers you to confidently scale your business using facts, not guesswork.

Choosing IronGlove means more than hiring a service. Your company is gaining a dedicated partner committed to your business’s growth and success. Let us assist you in breaking from the limitations of pop-culture solutions and direct you toward achieving your business’s full potential through full-service management and custom development.

25+ Years of Experience and a Commitment to Data-Driven Results

Derek is the founder of IronGlove Studio®, acting in a senior role to oversee web and software development, guide strategic marketing initiatives, build client relationships, and manage all projects. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Communications and a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology and has extensive formal education and experience in web development, software architectures, organizational consulting, and agency management.

As an entrepreneur, Derek understands the dynamics of business and takes pride in helping organizations outmaneuver common operational pitfalls through the strategic implementation of web and software technologies. Derek is also a military veteran and brings that same level of commitment to his agency work in the private sector.

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Subcontracting Opportunities
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Looking at forming a partnership for your upcoming or current projects? IronGlove, armed with the technical expertise to steer complex public and private-sector projects, is actively seeking compatible subcontracting opportunities with like-minded firms. If your organization is faced with projects that either fall below your threshold or are too advanced to manage in-house, teaming up with IronGlove could be the strategic solution you need.

For prime agencies involved with public sector clients, IronGlove is not only COBID-certified in Oregon, enabling us to compete for local, county, and state government contracts but also holds the VetCert certification from the U.S. Small Business Administration. As a Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise, we qualify for bid-free public contracts in Oregon up to $50k, presenting lucrative opportunities for partnerships.



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