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Our team deeply understands the similarities between state government project scopes and those of our industrial and non-profit clients.

We recognize that state government projects often require the same level of attention to detail, security, and user experience as our other clients. Our background in various industries makes us well-equipped to handle the challenges and complexities of state government website and application development while maintaining tight deadlines.

This Small Team Can Handle Big Things

IronGlove Studio prioritizes government website design and development that is user-centric, accessible, and efficient. We believe state government websites should be well-organized, content-rich, and highly searchable, just like the best private sector websites. Our approach to design is informed by data and best practices, ensuring that your website meets the highest standards of citizen satisfaction and engagement possible.

We also understand the importance of meeting software development requirements for state government projects, including using waterfall and agile methodologies for project planning. Waterfall methodology is a linear approach ideal for projects with clearly established results. In contrast, agile methodology is an iterative approach focusing on flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Our team is well-versed in the latest security measures and encryption technologies to ensure your applications are secure and compliant with government standards. Moreover, we prioritize hosting and infrastructure security using best practices to protect your projects from potential threats.

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Commercial, Non-Profit, and NGO Experience

Our experience in working with medium, large, and enterprise-sized non-profit and industrial clients has given us valuable insights into the importance of thorough project planning for state government projects. We understand that projects of various sizes can fail due to a lack of planning or rushed planning, which is not in the public’s best interest.

We take the same care to properly investigate project scope, feature planning, and budget estimating as we do for our commercial and non-profit clients. IronGlove Studio brings extensive project planning experience, ensuring that state government projects are meticulously planned and executed. Our team is well-versed in best practices for project management, including defining project scope, setting realistic timelines, and allocating resources effectively. Project planning plays a critical role in a project’s success.

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Custom Solutions

A tailored approach to state government projects is taken that is similar to how we handle large-scale commercial projects, meticulously evaluating the specific needs of each project. This includes considering community and operational goals and the demographic profile of the constituents who will be utilizing the website or web application technology. Through this comprehensive strategic assessment, we can recommend the most suitable framework, such as WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, or ASP.NET applications, ensuring optimal functionality and a low-frustration user experience.

Our commitment to providing customized solutions sets us apart from more generalist firms. We prioritize the needs of our state government clients rather than pushing specific platforms for our benefit. We believe in selecting architectures based on project goals, long-term sustainability, budget, and community needs, ensuring that our clients receive tailored solutions that genuinely address their specific challenges and make a difference for the people they serve.

In our pursuit of realistic solutions for both the public and government agencies, we take a holistic approach to architecture and infrastructure choices. We believe that the tools and technologies used should not only be the right fit for the job but also ensure long-term satisfaction and adaptability. By carefully considering hosting platform options, software languages, and frameworks, we create systems that are scalable, maintainable, and efficient.

Internal Customers Matter

We recognize that the right fit for a solution extends beyond the public users to the internal customers, who are state employees that must use and administer the system. It’s crucial to ensure that our solutions cater to the needs of both external and internal users, streamlining processes and enhancing overall efficiency. By considering the perspectives of all stakeholders, we create solutions that are not only user-friendly for the public but also empower state employees to manage and maintain the system effectively.

Our focus on sustainable solutions encompasses the needs of internal customers, as we understand the importance of providing tools and technologies that facilitate their daily tasks and responsibilities. By delivering solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of state employees, we help create a seamless experience for both public users and government staff. This approach fosters a harmonious working environment and promotes long-term satisfaction and adaptability for all users involved in the system.

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Our Process

Direct Awards

At IronGlove Studio, we understand the challenges faced by small agencies like ours when participating in the bidding process. As a Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SDVBE) certified company, we are qualified for bid-free public contracts up to $50k within the state and can receive direct awards on micro-purchases up to $10k with no bid. We have found that focusing on direct awards allows us to better serve our clients and allocate our resources more efficiently. Participating in the bidding process often requires diverting personnel away from other projects to focus on discovery processes such as researching, writing, and estimating fictitious work on unrealistic timelines without any guarantee of a follow-up conversation or return on investment.

Compatible Opportunities

We take our commitment to providing high-quality services very seriously and are selective in the opportunities we pursue. Unfortunately, we have experienced instances of discrimination from both government entities and private firms seeking to “partner” with us. As a result, we thoroughly screen each request for service to ensure that it aligns with our values and capabilities. While we rarely accept invitations to bid, we are open to discussing direct award opportunities that leverage our SDVBE certification and allow us to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.