IronGlove Studio is a Top-Tier Veteran-Owned Business on Clutch

IronGlove Studio® is a Top-Tier Veteran-Owned Business on Clutch


Derek, the founder of IronGlove Studio, is a seasoned PHP developer and entrepreneur with a strong background in web development, software architectures, and organizational consulting. With a BA in Business and Communications and an MS in Organizational Psychology, he expertly guides strategic marketing initiatives, builds client relationships, and manages projects. As a military veteran, Derek brings the same level of commitment to his agency work, helping organizations overcome operational challenges through the strategic implementation of web and software technologies.

 Established in 2017, IronGlove Studio® is an Oregon-based design and development company that’s dedicated to providing world-class solutions to corporations, government agencies, and public organizations in the United States. We are a passionate team that has roots firmly planted in the Northwest. We seek to create solutions that not only generate results but also make a lasting impact. 

Washington DC-based review and rating platform, Clutch, helps browsers navigate the technology, marketing, and business services spaces. The site publishes data-driven content such as client testimonials, market reports, and agency shortlists to help corporate clients connect with the best-fit service providers.

IronGlove Studio® is a Veteran-Owned Business on Clutch

Clutch has an esteemed certification program that highlights the diversity of companies in their directories. The program allows vendors to self-identify their veteran, minority, and LGBTQ+ identities. IronGlove Studio® is genuinely proud to be part of their certification program and be hailed as a top-notch veteran-owned business on Clutch!

“In our extensive experience with small companies around the country, veterans are consistently a large percentage of the hardest working and most well-reviewed group of business owners we interact with,” said Clutch Business Development Manager DJ Fajana. “Their dedication to their clients, like their dedication to the country, is absolutely unparalleled.”

In addition to our Clutch certification, IronGlove Studio® is also on The Manifest’s list of the top software development companies from Portland, Oregon this 2022. The Manifest is a business news resource that curates research-backed content and articles. 

The success, support, and trust of our beloved clients play key roles in helping us make a name for ourselves in our industry. If it weren’t for the projects they’ve entrusted us with, we wouldn’t be the company that we are today.

Thank you so much to everyone who continues to stay by our side through whatever highs and lows. It’s a huge honor to be your trusted partner! We can’t help but be extremely grateful for your constant motivation for us.

Work with a team that’s invested in your success. Get in touch with IronGlove Studio® today and let us design, develop, and implement your ideas. 

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