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IronGlove Studio Awarded by Clutch as One of the Top E-Commerce Development Agencies in Portland 2021


Derek, the founder of IronGlove Studio, is a seasoned PHP developer and entrepreneur with a strong background in web development, software architectures, and organizational consulting. With a BA in Business and Communications and an MS in Organizational Psychology, he expertly guides strategic marketing initiatives, builds client relationships, and manages projects. As a military veteran, Derek brings the same level of commitment to his agency work, helping organizations overcome operational challenges through the strategic implementation of web and software technologies.

A decade ago, only less than 5% of retail sales happened online. Since then, and with the help of COVID-19, global e-commerce industry sales have increased by a staggering 600%. Consumers have been conditioned with a new set of rigid expectations based on their best online shopping experiences with larger brands. Smaller brands who don’t monitor these trends, and those who fail to adapt, will be left behind in favor of competitors who check all the boxes. There are few compromises when it comes to brand retention, user experience, channel alignment, promotions, order fulfillment, and customer service.

At IronGlove Studio, we help your business connect with more stakeholders and customers by building out a better user experience through an engaging, customized, and data-driven online presence. We take consumer trends into consideration while we help you to determine how your business infrastructure needs to change in order to survive the ever-changing digital landscape. We are a full-service veteran-owned boutique agency from Oregon established in 2017 by a PHP developer. From a freelance provider through transformation to a small agency in early 2019, we provide mainstream services with real-world solutions and measurable results for corporate, government, and public organizations.

IronGlove Studio and its team received an award from Clutch as one of the top e-commerce developers in Portland, Oregon. Clutch is a B2B company resource and reviews platform that helps firms across the globe connect with the solution providers like us in order to improve effectiveness and increase productivity. Our agency has met and retained some great clients through leads from Clutch, including the Home Builders Association of Marion & Polk Counties where we recently completed a full redesign and custom development project to help this organization meet and exceed its business goals.

Developers Oregon 2021

“As a small agency owner and PHP developer here in the Northwest, I’m very pleased to be recognized for my team’s efforts in providing professional solutions to manufacturers and others in the business community. We’re a younger company in Oregon, but we’re proving to be an effective and reliable partner that can handle the quality and complexity required for industrial projects while being guided by data-driven methods. We also enjoy networking and gaining referrals from our larger agency firms that know and trust us with subcontracting opportunities that allow us to grow as a company and as individuals. All of us are on this journey together, so we appreciate the support.” – Founder, Derek Neuts, IronGlove Studio

As we provide real-world results to our clients, you can check out our Clutch profile for the positive feedback that our clients have publicly stated about us.

We are a full-service veteran-owned boutique agency from Oregon established in 2017 by a PHP developer providing mainstream services with real-world solutions and measurable results for corporate, government, and public organizations

“Their communication and attention to detail were exceptionally strong.” – Director of Outreach, Mental Health Advocates of WNY


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