IronGlove Studio specializes in custom-coded solutions for organizations serious about their bottom line and reach. We understand that businesses in the service sector require tailored web and application solutions to drive growth and efficiency. Our expertise lies in partnering with organizations that are large enough to create cutting-edge, custom applications but not quite large enough to justify an in-house development team.

Over the past several years, we have completed projects such as job boards for a nationwide staffing firm, applications for an organizational consulting company, and a custom plug-in for a financing company. Our custom web applications streamline business processes and offer increased flexibility, scalability, and improved data management.

By choosing IronGlove Studio, you can trust that your organization will receive the support it needs to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. We are committed to delivering high-quality code and creating unique, user-friendly web applications catering to your industry needs. Our custom-coded solutions will help you adapt to an ever-increasing variety of use cases, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.

Common Service Questions

What types of service businesses have you helped in the past?

We’ve done a good variety of service work, public and private, to include insurance companies, real estate websites, personal services, legal services, and employment firms. Additionally, we’ve consulted with many marketing companies looking for development firms, and taken NDA referrals from larger “prime” development companies that needed specialized programming for the food industry and banking (mostly plugins).

How complicated have your technology stacks become when working with service industry businesses?

Very complicated! We mix technologies as needed, such as WordPress, Laravel, ASP.NET, and others based on the specific mission of the organization and the impact they want to have. Sometimes it’s just a website, other times it’s marketing, and then we also get requests for custom plugins to add user-journey features or full web applications. It varies based on the situation.

How often do you work with third-parties, and under what circumstances?

This can be tricky sometimes, because not all partnership opportunities are a good fit for us. We mostly get requests from marketing firms to build out a design and we can do that, but only if it’s a good design. If it’s flawed, we’ll want to discuss before committing to that work because it’s also our reputation that gets harmed. We also have development firms that contact us for smaller work, such as those who work on very large projects (over $100k) but have a client that needs a $20k – $30k job completed in a different framework than they normally work with. We’re happy to entertain those requests, especially with companies in our local area that know us well.

Have you ever been asked to manage another firm's work or conduct audits?

Yes, it’s not a fun job to do, critique another agency’s work, but we’ve done it. We’ve also had to step in as the “bad guy” and police work in progress due to numerous issues. This oftentimes can be very hostile or confrontational, and usually when this happens, the client has already made up their mind that the firm we’re supervising is on their way out and they most likely realize this. We try to make it a good and professional experience, the best we can under those circumstances. From time to time, the other agency will abandon the contract and we have to pick up the pieces right away.


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