IronGlove Studio has extensive experience helping retail businesses in various sectors, such as camping/hunting equipment, pools and hot tubs, food products, CBD products, third-party banking/transaction systems, and general home goods to optimize their online presence and e-commerce operations.

We have implemented custom inventory management systems, logistics dashboards, and CRM solutions for equipment retailers to help them capitalize on this growing outdoor recreational marketplace. In other recreational sectors, we have built custom order management systems, modified e-commerce sites to meet rising consumer demand, modified and integrated relationship management components, and created wholesale systems to allow for discounted private bulk orders.

Our food product clients have relied on us for customer interactivity integrations, barcode processing and inventory storage, and e-commerce platforms to adapt to ever-changing retail trends. For CBD companies, we have provided guidance on user flows, how to successfully navigate some regulations through improved UX/UI, and also worked on wholesale systems with variable shipping rates based on order type and sometimes customer category.

With our expertise in PHP, JavaScript, UX design, and technical SEO, no matter the retail sector, we’ve helped brick-and-mortar and some virtual companies transition to “healthier” e-commerce practices. We use a data-driven approach to understanding consumer behavior to optimize online shopping experiences. With robust e-commerce frameworks, payment gateways, marketing analytics, and post-launch support, we have become a true partner to our retail clients to be on the lookout for emerging trends and pitfalls before they become an issue.

Common Retailer Questions

What type of retailers have you worked with in the past?

We’ve helped product manufacturers that sell direct to the public, as well as home goods suppliers, CBD retailers, food makers with direct-to-consumer pipelines, and appliance retailers with multiple brands. We love these kinds of projects because it presents critical challenges that need to be addressed with strategy and technology.

What process do you use to evaluate the needs of retail clients?

It all depends on the situation, and if clients don’t know how to communicate those strengths and weaknesses, then there are bigger issues at hand. We first attempt to understand the entire big picture, the macro outlook, and then do a deep dive into existing infrastructures, barriers, public feedback (if any), and take a look at operations. Again, we don’t just “build websites” as that’s ineffective. We take a 30,000 foot approach to addressing the needs of these companies, both large and small, to provide the best possible solution.

Is helping a retail client just about the website or the apps, or is there more to it?

This is a holistic approach, we may decide that social media management is needed, or even pay-per-click or traditional advertising. What we can’t handle in-house we have partners for here locally in Oregon, we’ll make it happen for you. So between the technology implementations and recommendations, along with data collection for sound decision making, reputation management, and marketing, we try to bring resources to the table against the problem in hopes that a sound strategy will work.


IronGlove has designed our website from scratch, and the development has been a collaboration between our teams. We give our input on how we want the website to look, and they work on it. We’ve enjoyed working with IronGlove. They provide high-quality services and are concerned about the health and security of our website. Overall, they provided a great and professional service.

-Owner, Custom Jewelry Business

Derek is one of the best web developers I’ve worked with. He’s responsive and easy to work with. He manages projects efficiently, clearly sets expectations and provides regular updates throughout the process. He’s thoughtful to both budget and business goals and provides strategic recommendations that align with both, so he’s very highly recommended.

-Integrated Marketing Manager, Oregon Ice Cream

We didn’t have any products on the website; we simply showed that we were selling products from particular brands — there were no details. The same was true for our services page, which only had PDF files. This affected our SEO and Google ranking. When Google crawled it, nothing on it said that we were selling the products we had. If someone searched for those things on Google, our site wouldn’t show up. As a result, we started building our product pages and filtering features once we had the new template format. We redid everything on those pages in a way that product information could be filtered easily.

-Marketing Manager, Classic Pool Spa & Hearth

When we hired IronGlove Studio, we saw double-digit growths in our businesses thanks to their help in implementing our initiatives. Our company recorded an increase in sales during that time. The team was great in terms of project management. Everything was rock solid in communication, budgeting, beating deadlines, and delivering the tasks.

-Marketing Manager, CRKT

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