As a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise in Oregon, we are uniquely positioned to serve public-sector and non-profit organizations. Our qualification allows us to be selected for public contracts up to $50k without going to bid, streamlining the process for local, county, and state organizations to work with us. Our expertise in website development, web application development, and custom software applications enables us to provide creative and custom solutions to everyday operational problems, helping non-profit organizations meet their outreach goals and heighten community engagement.

Our experience extends beyond local government projects. We have worked with non-profit clients, including book authors, speakers, legal aid clinics, and public benefit organizations. We have successfully improved database connectivity, developed membership directories, and contributed to numerous website builds. Our team’s proficiency in PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, and larger frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce allows us to cater to the unique needs of each non-profit client.

We understand the importance of community-oriented mandates for non-profit, public sector, and education-related organizations. Our commitment to cost-effective programming and web design ensures our services are accessible to organizations with varying budgets. If you represent a non-profit organization seeking a reliable and experienced partner for your web development and design needs, we would be delighted to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals and positively impact your community.

Common Non-Profit Questions

What types of non-profits have you worked with in the past?

A wide variety! We’ve worked with veteran support agencies under state-issued grants, along with sociocultural institutions, legal aid clinics, major mental health providers, and have provided support for Chamber of Commerce businesses in our local community. Non-profit work can be difficult, as resources can sometimes be more limited than commercial clients (depends on the field and organization), while we have to take into account anything we build must be easy to use due to ever-changing volunteers.

How flexible are you with meeting non-profit needs?

We are very flexible from planning, to budgeting, and understanding the struggles of these organizational types. We acknowledge that at any time our key point-of-contact could leave, so we document everything to help with that transition to ensure that existing pipeline projects have appropriate follow up to get the tasks completed. Our focus with projects is on ease of use, whether that’s a process, or an interface, or managing a service for them, we know that there are paid staff and there are volunteers. We design deliverables for these operating conditions to help the organization succeed.

What types of non-profit projects do you see the most?

We get a lot of requests for CRM integrations, custom reporting, payment processing, and content management. Also, we have requests surrounding better UX/UI to help the public better understand why the organization exists to try and put them on a pathway to more efficient conversions (contacts/leads or donations).


Their communication and attention to detail were exceptionally strong. Every fine detail was taken care of in a timely manner. We were never waiting for anything. They went above and beyond by including UX functions that we didn’t ask for but will greatly improve the quality of the site. The overall functionality and speed of the website are strong as well.

-Director of Outreach, Mental Health Advocates of WNY

IronGlove Studio was very reasonable and accommodating to our needs as a veteran-run organization. The site has already received very positive feedback from the Department of Veterans Affairs — the group we’re working with and one of the organizations that provided us with the grant for the site itself. They’ve said our site is polished, clean, relevant, and easy to navigate. Derek has done a great job managing the project.

-Executive Director, NW Veterans in Technology

We’ve had 700% more engagement on this new website; it’s unbelievable. We get daily updates and can read the analytics, so it’s been a massive improvement. We’re now working on a marketing campaign for website awareness. Project management is spectacular. The process has been smooth, and the communication is excellent. IronGlove Studio puts their knowledge, wisdom, and team behind to build something that exceeds our expectations.

-Executive Director, West Linn Chamber of Commerce

Derek’s customer service skills, his drive to complete the project on time, even when my team got him needed information past set deadlines, and his continued hands-on approach… they were fantastic.

-Executive Assistant, Columbia Community Mental Health

We needed a complete redesign, including mapping and themes. We needed to get rid of a bunch of extraneous plug-ins but still be able to accomplish our goals. We also needed someone who would have patience with our delays, as we have few hands doing many tasks. So the first stage of the project, having a design, took a very long time with many interruptions on our part. Our main contact at all times was Derek. He assigned work tasks as appropriate with his team. Our project was small and so was our expertise, so this was a good fit.

-Website Administrator, Salem Keizer Coalition for Equality

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