At IronGlove Studio, we have extensive experience building custom websites and web applications for manufacturing companies across key sectors such as microchip manufacturers, automotive, and food and beverage. Our technical expertise spans both PHP and .NET frameworks, allowing us to deliver solutions tailored to your technology stack. In some cases where potential manufacturers have pre-existing contracts, we’ve provided consulting expertise to assist them through critical circumstances.

We have worked on inventory management systems, logistics dashboards, IoT analytics, quality assurance databases, and custom CRM solutions. We have implemented ERP integrations for PHP and .NET environments, provided critical tweaks to shop floor control mechanisms, and barcode scanning systems. For those requiring a more Business-to-Consumer (B2C) pipeline, we’ve conducted advanced maintenance on e-commerce systems and expanded those systems to allow clients to maintain relevancy in the marketplace.

We incorporate an agile development process to deliver projects incrementally so you see value faster. However, we’re also more than familiar with the waterfall method in the event a more formal plan needs to be in place first. At the same time, rigorous testing and QA ensures your websites and applications are reliable and secure. In addition to building the websites and web applications, we can provide planning, training, and post-launch support for a smooth rollout.

With our expertise across key manufacturing verticals, flexible technology stacks, agile processes, and full lifecycle support, IronGlove Studio is ready to build the custom solutions your company needs.

Common Manufacturing Questions

What types of manufacturers do you have experience with?

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with knife and tool makers, microchip intermediate manufacturers for larger well-known brands, and companies in the food industry. It’s a fascinating area, as all have so many similarities in how their operations run and the logistics to support end-user sales, but the technologies used to support this infrastructure are so vastly different. It provides us with some challenging opportunities for growth!

What types of technologies have you worked with regarding these clients?

We’ve worked on everything from .NET systems, to private PHP systems, to Magento, WooCommerce, and coded WordPress. While that’s quite a range, it’s also great to have those same folks in-house to communicate with as many of us are cross-trained in various technologies to help each other out.

Have you handled e-commerce situations in manufacturing?

We have, both directly and indirectly, but the needs of each company are different. For example, we’ve setup external websites for partnerships in the past to attract more “white label” manufacturing opportunities along with direct B2B pipelines. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve setup e-commerce systems and funnels to help these businesses sell directly to the public, or we’ve been brought in as a consultant to manage or take over and existing system to make it better.


Derek is one of the best web developers I’ve worked with. He’s responsive and easy to work with. He manages projects efficiently, clearly sets expectations and provides regular updates throughout the process. He’s thoughtful to both budget and business goals and provides strategic recommendations that align with both, so he’s very highly recommended.

-Integrated Marketing Manager, Oregon Ice Cream

IronGlove did a great job of bringing the code up to current standards and best practices even when we asked for a lot of modifications. I liked how everything was set up and designed — I was excited by what I saw. The entire team did a great job building the project and keeping us updated regularly. IronGlove met our time and budget requirements. IronGlove had great knowledge of PHP, .NET, and database apps.

-Manufacturing Engineer, Semiconductor Chemical Manufacturer

Our active collaboration was impressive. We could get a hold of the IronGlove team any time of the day. With other companies, we had to wait for somebody to get back to us whenever we called them. Overall, their communication distinguished them from other providers.

-IT Manager, TOK America

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