Industries Served

Here are a few of the focus industries that have benefited from our client-oriented, data-driven web design and development expertise over the years.


In the manufacturing sector, time is money. Organizations need to develop tech applications that improve operational efficiency and customer interactions, while sticking to tight timelines, remaining within budget, and paying close attention to quality control.

You need a development partner with high-level tech experience that can also help with the planning, implementation, and ongoing management of your custom applications. IronGlove combines expertise with PHP and .NET frameworks, with a sector-specific background in light manufacturing. Over the past few years, we’ve implemented technology solutions for a diverse assortment of small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses – reach out today to discover what our data-driven approach can do for you.



From ice cream to camping/hunting/kitchen knives to pool installations, we’ve helped several established retail clients gain insights into the way users interact with their products and then design and develop tech solutions that directly address that.

Our experience in e-commerce frameworks, payment gateways, and server configurations make us a great fit with retail businesses, but what really sets us apart is a data-driven focus on consumer behavior. We specialize in helping established brick and mortar companies set up and fine-tune their e-commerce operations. In addition to development, we provide guidance on user flow, consumer behavior, landing pages and funnels, e-commerce best practices, payment gateways, store security, user management, and more.


Trade Groups

Over the past several years, we have consulted and collaborated with trade groups, Chambers of Commerce, and Business Recovery Centers to provide strategic support and technology solutions to maximize their impact and serve their members. We have helped connect these organizations to CRMs, build membership directories, enhance event management, and transform their technology infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Our experience working with these groups has allowed us to develop tailored solutions to meet their unique needs in areas like networking, resources, and business advocacy. By offering strategic support, technology integration, and event management solutions, we can help these organizations thrive and better serve their members and communities.



From online appointment scheduling to record storage, the American healthcare sector has undergone a massive shift online over the past decade. Organizations that aren’t updating their business infrastructure to adapt to rapidly changing needs risk getting left behind.

While large hospitals and other major industry players typically have an in-house IT department to manage this transition, that’s not always the case for smaller clinics, hospices, senior centers, and mental health services. At IronGlove, we provide tech planning, design, and development, as well as ongoing education and support. We also help with event coordination, community engagement, and behavioral monitoring – we blur out personal details to obtain anonymized data insights while protecting patient privacy.



At first glance, insurance companies, staffing agencies, realtors, and other small to mid-sized companies might not have much in common but dig a little deeper and these service-sector businesses all share a similar need for cost-effective web and application support.

IronGlove can help with that. We’re a great fit with organizations that are large and profitable enough to need cutting-edge, custom applications but not quite large enough to justify having an in-house development team. Over the past few years, we’ve worked on job boards for a nationwide staffing firm, applications for an organizational consulting company, and a custom plug-in for a financing company, to name just a few of our projects.



As a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise in Oregon, we qualify to be selected for public contracts up to $50k without going to bid, making us a great fit for public-sector and non-profit projects. This has been ultimately the best way for local, county, and state organizations to work with us.

In addition to local government projects, we’ve worked with book authors and speakers, a major legal aid clinic in California, and numerous public benefit organizations. We’ve helped improve database connectivity, developed membership directories, and contributed to countless successful website builds. If you’re a non-profit, public sector, or education-related organization with a community-oriented mandate and a pressing need for cost-effective programming or web design, we’d love to talk!


Common Industry Questions

Would you be willing to work on projects in other industries?

We would certainly consider it. We’ve done projects across a number of industries in the past, but we have team preferences based on project types that we prefer to work with. Talk to us, we’ll take a look at what you’re offering and give it consideration.

Are NGOs also the same as non-profit clients that you typically work with?

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are non-profits, but not all non-profits are NGOs. NGO services can be broad in scope, whereas non-profit services are more focused and typically receive government funding and must have a mechanism for oversight to spend that funding. So yes, in some ways, they are similar, but these organizations are not the same and we attempt to fully understand the roles of such organizations that directly solicit services from us. We’ve received requests from NGOs over the years, but a great deal of business comes from non-profits with specific public missions with government grants.

What are some of your favorite (or preferred) industries and why?

We’ve really enjoyed working with industrial customers over the past few years, because the challenges have been intense and it helps us to improve our methods. The work can also vary quite a bit, so it stays challenging for us. Also, we’ve really enjoyed working with larger non-profits and chambers, because we know what we’re doing has a direct impact on the community.

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