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Simple, template-based e-commerce stores are great for people running a side hustle out of their garage, but once you’ve reached a certain level of sales, these types of locked systems aren’t always the best fit. At a certain point, the ability to customize the end-to-end shopping experience (and the backend management) outweighs the convenience of a ready-made online store. And don’t even get us started about unnecessary subscriptions required to access your account!

There’s a better way forward. Leveraging leading open-source platforms like Magento Open Source and WooCommerce, we help businesses of all sizes design and develop fully customized e-commerce experiences that cater to their target market. In addition to best-in-class development practices, we also incorporate the behavioral data of your customers into the equation.

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Key Capabilities

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WooCommerce Development

Have a lot of WordPress landing pages and web assets? WooCommerce is a plugin-based system that enables core selling features and turns WordPress websites into online stores with optional custom interfaces. WooCommerce is best suited to small or mid-sized projects, but it is powerful enough to handle big tasks too.

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Magento Open Source Development

Need a custom solution built to handle heavy sales volume? Magento Open Source is a powerful, open-source web application with a well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability. It’s a great, secure option for larger businesses looking for more customization due to the numerous integrations it offers at scale.


Their design work is first-rate, and their communication skills are excellent. The fact that they’re a small agency enables us to talk directly to their principal — I’ve never felt like I’m passed off to a junior partner or someone who doesn’t grasp our project objectives. I can’t speak highly enough of our work with them — I’m thrilled.

-Mike Erdmann, CEO

IronGlove is great at explaining processes to people who aren’t tech-savvy. On top of that, they’re good at staying organized and keeping everything on track. Their resources are also friendly as they keep the project moving.

-Rachel Kimball, Marketing Manager

Their communication and attention to detail were exceptionally strong. Every fine detail was taken care of in a timely manner. We were never waiting for anything. They went above and beyond by including UX functions that we didn’t ask for but will greatly improve the quality of the site. The overall functionality and speed of the website are strong as well.

-Kelly Miskovski, Director of Outreach

If you’re looking for a team with top-notch reliability and communication skills, then go for IronGlove.

-Ravi Moudgil, IT Manager

When we hired IronGlove Studio, we saw double-digit growths in our businesses thanks to their help in implementing our initiatives. Our company recorded an increase in sales during that time. The team was great in terms of project management. Everything was rock solid in communication, budgeting, beating deadlines, and delivering the tasks.

-Joel Bornzin, E-Commerce & Marketing Manager

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