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Our municipal-sector and NGO experiences enable us to overcome the unique challenges of county organizations.

IronGlove Studio is a highly experienced web and software development agency that specializes in catering to the intricate project requirements of larger organizations, such as county governments, using a holistic development approach. Our extensive experience in servicing commercial customers enables us to think creatively and apply innovative solutions to government organizations, ensuring that we deliver tailored, efficient, and effective digital experiences for both public and private sector clients.

County Projects Can Be Complex

Our team recognizes the significance of multiple stakeholders involved in these projects and understand that effective project planning must be driven by data to ensure a successful product launch for local communities. With our proficiency in various web development platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Laravel, we are well-equipped to deliver top-notch websites and web applications tailored specifically to the needs of county governments and their diverse constituents. Our professional approach demonstrates our capability of providing comprehensive solutions that meet the complex demands of these organizations.

However, complex county projects often involve intricate challenges, which can make many projects incompatible with evidence-based planning processes due to the lack of discovery opportunities that can’t be garnered through simple question and answer forums. This type of complexity requires a more nuanced approach to understanding the unique needs and constraints of related tasks far beyond what contracting personnel and proposal reviewers have the expertise to provide.

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Big-Picture Planning

Within the culture of county government, it’s not uncommon for internal IT staff to inadvertently misguide decision-makers when it comes to selecting the most suitable web development framework or application framework for their digital platforms. These decisions are oftentimes based on that internal staff feel comfortable with and not necessarily what would be a best fit for the entity. County purchasing managers are also frequently presented with a standardized approach to managing public projects, with proposals advocating the use of Drupal, without considering whether it truly aligns with the organization’s unique requirements.

Further, we understand that many government entities issue requests for proposals (RFPs) using pre-made templates, borrowed documents from other agencies, or by asking personnel without development experience to create vendor expectations. This approach often leads to frustrating, unrealistic, and wasteful requirements that do not align with the actual needs of the project. We believe in the importance of listening to expertise and collaborating with our clients to ensure the best possible outcomes. As a result, we choose to turn down collaborations when agencies are unwilling to consider the insights and recommendations of experienced professionals like ourselves in order to maintain our commitment to delivering high-quality, tailored solutions.

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Holistic Solutions

At IronGlove Studio, we adopt a different approach. We meticulously evaluate the specific needs of county government projects, taking into account community and operational goals and the demographic profile of the constituents that will be utilizing the website or web application technology.

Through this thorough strategic assessment, we are able to recommend the most appropriate framework, whether it be WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, or any other platform, ensuring optimal functionality and a less frustrating user experience. Our commitment to providing tailored solutions sets us apart in the field of web development above and beyond more generalists such as marketing firms with in-house or contracted developers.

Additionally, we prioritize the needs of our county government clients, unlike other software firms that push specific platforms for their own benefit. These firms often create “canned” experiences and hire less competent programmers to increase profit margins, rather than focusing on the client’s unique requirements. We believe in selecting platforms based on the project goals, long-term sustainability, and community needs, ensuring that our clients receive tailored solutions that genuinely address their specific challenges and make a difference for the people they serve.

Realistic Options

County governments have a range of options when it comes to web development frameworks, beyond the commonly pushed Drupal content management system. Two viable alternatives that have gained popularity are WordPress and Laravel. WordPress offers a user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, making it an excellent choice for county governments seeking ease of use and configurability. On the other hand, Laravel serves as a robust alternative to Drupal, offering lower maintenance costs than Drupal and simplified update processes for both admin users and development teams. Both WordPress and Laravel provide county governments with efficient and effective web application frameworks, ensuring seamless online experiences for their constituents. 

However, for larger projects, counties should consider opting for Laravel instead of WordPress because it significantly reduces the likelihood of being taken advantage of by inexperienced developers. While WordPress may seem like a popular and accessible option, it often attracts firms that mislead county officials by misrepresenting advanced features which turn out to be just drag-and-drop visual builders and numerous plugins that can easily break. By choosing Laravel, county organizations can ensure that their websites are developed by professionals with more than entry-level experience, safeguarding their interests while reducing overall costs.

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Our Process

Direct Awards

At IronGlove Studio, we understand the challenges faced by small agencies like ours when participating in the bidding process. As a Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SDVBE) certified company, we are qualified for bid-free public contracts up to $50k within the state and can receive direct awards on micro-purchases up to $10k with no bid. We have found that focusing on direct awards allows us to better serve our clients and allocate our resources more efficiently. Participating in the bidding process often requires diverting personnel away from other projects to focus on discovery processes such as researching, writing, and estimating fictitious work on unrealistic timelines without any guarantee of a follow-up conversation or return on investment.

Compatible Opportunities

We take our commitment to providing high-quality services very seriously and are selective in the opportunities we pursue. Unfortunately, we have experienced instances of discrimination from both government entities and private firms seeking to “partner” with us. As a result, we thoroughly screen each request for service to ensure that it aligns with our values and capabilities. While we rarely accept invitations to bid, we are open to discussing direct award opportunities that leverage our SDVBE certification and allow us to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.