Visual Thinking Inc. (Main Website)

Not many in manufacturing, logistics, and industry understand the Visual Workplace, but this project helps one owner to change that.

Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth has spent the last 30 years pioneering concepts and methods used in transforming companies through Visual Workplace and Visual Management strategies.

The project was originally deployed as a pre-WordPress PHP build but was entirely removed by the company in late 2018. The screenshots contained on this portfolio page are the last remnants of the improved branding strategy.

Framework or Technology

PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass

Project Type

Custom Coded

Cost or Package

$9300 - $16500

Services Provided

Prototypes, framework development, custom scripting

Providing a starting point for conversion to a Visual Workplace.

This very large project actually began in the Fall of 2016 while I was still a full-time, in-house developer for the company. Since then, it's undergone numerous changes and iterations requested by management, and the site has since departed in early 2018 from my original recommendation of creating a visually appealing, educationally-based user experience that can convert with an integrated sales funnel. This was an important array of concepts, due to the very narrow market niche and lack of client education on this topic, and I still remain deeply concerned about the removal of these essential elements. I no longer provide any planning, design or development services to this company and have severed ties. The site was a PHP-based industrial site that included a responsive slider area, responsive video, Sass for easy updates, integration of PHPMailer and uses JavaScript methods for form validation. The framework used Bootstrap 3.3.7 due to the need for backward compatibility with industrial clients and their IT infrastructures. The screenshots provided here are what's left of this project when it was still in my care.

Client project cover image.

Keys to Project Success


Having an educationally-focused, positive user experience that leads visitors to a sales funnel is essential, but the current design now lacks those original elements.

SEO Optimized

To ensure maximum advertising potential and be found online against competitors, the site was optimized to strict semantic standards for marketing.


Lead generation, mail list signups, and e-learning platform integrations were necessary to implement as part of this company's business model.


I take the time to listen to your needs, brainstorm right along with you, and propose realistic plans of action for your project. I'm a stickler for details, and while I enjoy the work I do, I also take it quite seriously. As a professional, I don't cut corners with your project.


As a freelance web developer, I can modify my schedule to accommodate most needs, whether it's moving steadily, slowly, or broken into phases. I'll provide you with realistic expectations based on your project needs and my availability as a free agent.


I don't believe in slamming out cheap templates or using stock settings on anything. It's not only your business image, but it's my reputation as a developer. I'm excited to help you where I can, and your success is high on my priority list.


I'm a professional that charges a fair market rate or packaged project price for my services. While I require a retainer to get started, I can invoice as we go for maximum flexibility. I can also set realistic expectations for your existing budget.