LMN Artworks

When you're a fine artist who wants to share their inspirations with the world, quality matters.

I've had the pleasure of working with L. Madras Neils since January of 2018, where we discussed her aspirations to take an amazing array of fine art pieces, created over years, and to formulate a realistic plan to get them in front of the world.

The project is currently in the final development stage after having collaborated on a number of basic wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. The native WordPress site is being constructed with a custom backend for the owner. After a short client hiatus, we're now ready to finalize the site construction!

Framework or Technology

PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass

Project Type

Custom Coded

Cost or Package

$3900 - $6800

Services Provided

Consulting, wireframing, mockups, prototypes, development

From concept to creation, we're a partner in this.

A final iteration was developed, resulting in the current beta-version shown at the very top of this page and immediately below, hosted on a private staging server. The gallery is interactive and allows for hover and grab zoom methods for desktop and mobile, a link to an interactive flipbook library, and methods to order directly from an external e-commerce portal. The final version will have more gallery areas and will be split into chapters of her work, along with having navigation, header, and footer areas that match the client's branding requirements. A custom back-end is being developed to allow a non-technical user to update the site's artwork and page content.

Client project cover image.

Keys to Project Success


We required a great concept first before even touching the development stage. Planning was key to everything so that time wasn't wasted.

E-Commerce Needs

It's not just a gallery, the client needed to maintain a fine-art brand and sell through an external e-commerce provider to automate orders.

Business Support

Post-launch services are essential to see this project through, and this client is being referred to trusted IronGlove partners.


As a professional developer that focuses on providing services to other agencies, don't ask me to cut corners or put a band-aid on it. There's a right way and a wrong way to reprioritize work and speed up production time that doesn't involve creating problems for clients. If you want my help, we're going to do this ethically, correctly, and to standards.


When I work with your agency, expect me to be a good listener, to be confident in what I do, and to never sugarcoat things for you. If something needs to be said for the sake of your reputation and the client's project, then expect to hear it from me first. We'll work together to come up with a realistic, professional plan for your clients that won't cause them pain.


I don't believe in slamming out cheap templates, using stock settings, or working fast and cheap. It's not only your harming your business image as an agency, but it will destroy my reputation as a professional developer. While I'm more than happy to help you, don't ask me to do things that should be found on cheap offshore contractor sites.


My goal is to work in unison with your agency as a contracted senior member of your team to augment the skills and expertise you don't have in-house. We'll need to work closely together and learn to trust one another. So expect a tight working relationship with professional pushback, and you'll need to be ready to grow from day one to be successful.