Jose Delgado, Realtor

In the Pacific Northwest, a private Realtor can't make their clients feel like just another buyer or seller.

Jose has a different approach to the real estate market, wanting to share bits and pieces of himself, his life in Vancouver, Washington, and what it's like to be a private agent for those making life-changing decisions to buy, sell or invest.

The project was completed successfully after having collaborated on a number of basic wireframes and mockups. This native WordPress build is constructed with a custom back-end and is IDX-ready for future growth.

Framework or Technology

PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass

Project Type

Custom Coded

Cost or Package

$3600 - $5300

Services Provided

Wireframing, mockups, prototypes, and development

A unique site design for a unique Realtor.

Jose specializes in the needs of U.S. military personnel and veterans (his spouse is a veteran) as well as those who speak Spanish in the surrounding area. Being exceptionally personable and community focused, Jose's project needed not to be 'just another real estate website' but instead had to represent his unique style. The site design is content focused, utilizing an SEO-friendly video banner with an IDX search overlay which nicely breaks down to a mobile version with smaller devices. The site components implement a clean design, minimum interactivity, and parallax elements, taking the user on a discovery of what they're looking for and convey why Jose's services will be just as unique as them.

Client project cover image.

Keys to Project Success


We conducted joint research on modern realty website themes, content, technologies, and focus to come up with a community-focused offering.

Business Support

Jose's business model was important, and reaching the right audience critical. The site is optimized for ad engagement with targeted demographics.


Along with making it easier to market to a targeted audience, Gravity Forms, MailChimp, and a CRM, along with Zaps, are utilized to generate leads and manage client engagement.


As a professional developer that focuses on providing services to other agencies, don't ask me to cut corners or put a band-aid on it. There's a right way and a wrong way to reprioritize work and speed up production time that doesn't involve creating problems for clients. If you want my help, we're going to do this ethically, correctly, and to standards.


When I work with your agency, expect me to be a good listener, to be confident in what I do, and to never sugarcoat things for you. If something needs to be said for the sake of your reputation and the client's project, then expect to hear it from me first. We'll work together to come up with a realistic, professional plan for your clients that won't cause them pain.


I don't believe in slamming out cheap templates, using stock settings, or working fast and cheap. It's not only your harming your business image as an agency, but it will destroy my reputation as a professional developer. While I'm more than happy to help you, don't ask me to do things that should be found on cheap offshore contractor sites.


My goal is to work in unison with your agency as a contracted senior member of your team to augment the skills and expertise you don't have in-house. We'll need to work closely together and learn to trust one another. So expect a tight working relationship with professional pushback, and you'll need to be ready to grow from day one to be successful.