Frequently asked questions

If you’re new to IronGlove Studio and are looking to do business with us, this is a good starting point.  These frequently asked questions are some of the most common that we receive.  This page will be updated regularly when new questions are asked that may benefit prospective clients and service partners.


General Questions

  • What is IronGlove Studio?

    IronGlove Studio is a consulting and web development company for small and growing web design, development, and marketing agencies. I strive to collaboratively assist agency owners and managers with strategic planning, development technology stacks, contracting, client handling, daily operations, and best-practice site development.

  • What services do you offer?

    I provide agency consulting and project management services, as well as develop static, dynamic, framework-based, and CMS-based (content management system) projects. I can also develop sites based on frameworks such as WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, and traditional sites utilizing PHP. While I can work with visual themes such as Divi, it's heavily discouraged, as it's not helping the client when it comes to flexibility and performance. It's better to have a UX designer provide the final schematics or mockups to build out the project using PHP.

  • Is the work performed by you or contracted out?

    I perform all of the major work unless there's a specialization specific to your project that I'm not able to code. For example, I didn't specifically study for Drupal development, but I know PHP and I'm familiar with Drupal, so I could supervise the work of another to complete that task for you. If that’s ever the case, I'll discuss this with you first as part of the planning process and source the work to one of my private US-based partners.

  • Where are you located, and how do we collaborate?

    IronGlove operates in Oregon from the Greater Portland area. I collaborate with clients in person (if local), via telephone, email, video conference, Slack… the list is endless.  I prefer to work remotely for you and can meet in person, as needed.

  • Do you require contracts?

    Without exception. I'll require a mutual non-disclosure agreement, along with a collaborative agency agreement that will outline our working relationship and all the pertinent details of how I'm going to assist you in better serving your clients.

Contracts and Invoicing

  • What are your professional rates?

    My fees as a senior-level developer on your team vary between $45 and $120 per hour for programming tasks based on application framework and project complexity. Consulting will be $60 per hour for consulting and coaching for your business agency matters. Sometimes project-based pricing can be negotiated also, but it really depends on the work required and the timeframe. We can always talk about it and work something out, if possible.

  • Do you have any contract minimums?

    Yes, I expect that you’ll have at least 10 hours per month of work for me if we do this because there are expenses involved with maintaining you as a client.

  • How are contracts and invoices managed?

    Invoices are issued twice per month electronically and are payable via check or credit card.  Contracts between us, or contracts issued to clients or contractors on your behalf, are delivered electronically with online signatures and payment options.  I try to make this as easy and streamlined as possible.

  • Do you require a retainer for work?

    New agencies will require payments in advance of work for the first 60 days of our relationship. After that, if there are no problems with invoicing and payments on your account, then you can enjoy being billed once or twice a month like everyone else after the work has been performed.

Onboarding and Processes

  • What does onboarding look like?

    Before we sign any contracts, we’ll have some discussions first about your needs, where you want to go, and the work that may be required to get you there.  Once we have an agreement on what our relationship will look like, you’ll be presented with a collaborative consulting, management and development contract.  No work will be conducted until the contract is signed.

  • What's involved with consulting?

    I'll work closely with you to evaluate daily operations.  This includes sub-operations such as prospecting, contracting, client handling, design and UX, site planning, technology stacks, development options, budgeting, and closing deals.  I'll also provide you with management and growth strategies for employees and contractors, as well as deliver expertise regarding projects and special situations. You won't be struggling anymore or doing this alone.

  • How is project management performed?

    Acting in a senior development role, I'll provide your team with the leadership required to accomplish your projects with confidence.  This involves being part of negotiations, team planning meetings, development meetings, coordinating personnel and work efforts, scheduling tasks, and following through with quality assurance and deployment.  Everything will be done smoothly and to standards.

  • How does senior development work?

    I'll bring best practices, standards, and expertise to your organization, which includes the enforcement of those standards with both your team and contractors.  I can provide general coaching as it relates to the project, and I'll setup the project specifications, establish the framework in a suitable staging and development environment, establish the repositories, and supervise the development to standards for the sake of your reputation and the client's wellbeing.