The Gate Lever

Framework or Technology

Elementor, WooCommerce, PHP, JavaScript

Agency Name

Webship Solutions

Services Provided

Templating, styling, WooCommerce features

IronGlove provided development services as a partnered subcontractor to modify and improve the PHP templating structure, improve styling, and integrate new features. We modified the default WooCommerce template and removed elements that were not needed for product catalogs, as well as integrated a custom lightbox feature for single product pages. This involved modifying and repurposing a freely available plugin while removing default behaviors of the native WooCommerce lightbox functionality. Final styles were applied to the modified plugin to match the client's expectations of look and feel. IronGlove also worked with Webship Solutions to add a custom video area and make numerous changes to page templates, product templates, and styling using CSS and Sass.


I take the time to listen to your needs, brainstorm right along with you, and propose realistic plans of action for your project. I'm a stickler for details, and while I enjoy the work I do, I also take it quite seriously. As a professional, I don't cut corners with your project.


As a freelance web developer, I can modify my schedule to accommodate most needs, whether it's moving steadily, slowly, or broken into phases. I'll provide you with realistic expectations based on your project needs and my availability as a free agent.


I don't believe in slamming out cheap templates or using stock settings on anything. It's not only your business image, but it's my reputation as a developer. I'm excited to help you where I can, and your success is high on my priority list.


I'm a professional that charges a fair market rate or packaged project price for my services. While I require a retainer to get started, I can invoice as we go for maximum flexibility. I can also set realistic expectations for your existing budget.